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Mindful Writing

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Join fellow graduates of the Mindful Writers Challenge in an intensive, eight-week online workshop. 

These workshops are offered as a chance for graduates of the 6-Week Mindful Writers Challenge to continue on with their work, submitting up to 40 pages of their manuscripts for critique by the instructor and their peers. 

What To

8 weekly online meetings with April Dávila and seven other mindful writers


thoughtful, written feedback from April Dávila on up to 40 pages of your manuscript


additional feedback from the group in discussion of your work


a recording of the workshops to review as needed (so that you don't have to furiously take notes)


Twice during the 8 weeks you will submit up to 20 pages (5,000 words, double spaced). 


Before every meeting, you will read the pages submitted by your fellow writers and come to the group prepared with thoughtful feedback.*


If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can watch the recording and send written feedback to the writers who shared their work.


Each 2.5 hour meeting includes:


a check-in with the group to discuss how your writing is going


a period of time for questions about writing, meditation or both


a short guided meditation


one hour devoted to workshopping each of the submissions for the week (2 writers are invited to submit each week)

*your feedback to other writers will be verbal, unless you miss the meeting, in which case you will write up your notes

Upcoming  Workshops

June - July, 2022


8 Weekly 2.5 hour workshops

Time and day will be agreed upon by the group

Instructor: April Dávila

Location: Online

Cost $250

Enrollment: limited to 8 writers

Please note: to participate in the Mindful Writers Workshops, you must be a graduate of the 6-Week Mindful Writers Challenge. 

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