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Writing is a pursuit of the mind and you can train your mind to be more effective at it. 

The list of ways that mindfulness meditation training can benefit you as a writer is long:

  • deep sustained focus

  • learning to quiet your inner critic and so you can get that first messy draft on the page

  • touching into deep emotions and staying with them long enough to describe them

  • finding equanimity to deal with rejections

  • dismantling writers block

A mindfulness meditation practice can help with all these things and so much more.

"[Meditation] helps train the mind to settle and focus and be more perceptive, more aware, which is of course very helpful for the writing practice."

- Ruth Ozeki, Buddhist Nun

Author of "The Book of Form and Emptiness," and

"A Tale for the Time Being."

Meet April Dávila

Award-winning author and

certified mindfulness instructor.

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April Dávila is an award-winning fiction writer and meditation teacher certified by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkeley.


After realizing how much meditation helped her in her writing career (and her life) she decided to share what she had learned so that others might benefit. Read more here.


When she's not writing or meditating you can usually find her hanging out with her kids or watching a movie with her filmmaker husband. For more information check out her website at http://aprildavila.com.

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